BodyGrades® is dedicated to providing individuals and organizations with high quality, health and fitness training and educational services.  Our programs are not based on what is popular at the time, but based on what is effective, stemming from evidence-based, scientific research and studies.

Tim Williams, our Head Trainer and Program Director, is not only a certified, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist, but is also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with more than 10 years experience of working in physical rehab.  In addition to Continuing Education Credits (CECs) being required to maintain his certification and licensure, Tim knows the importance of taking ongoing courses so that he can stay up-to-date in his approach.

Tim has and continues to work with individuals and organizations that have a wide range of goals, from weight loss and strength training to injury prevention, joint and muscle pain management and more.  He also provides his knowledge and skills to high school kids in his area as a Track and Field coach.  His other work experiences include work as a Medic in the US Army and as a technician in both an Operating Room and in a level-2 Trauma Center.

Tim is an active member of a number of different health, fitness and wellness associations including Ideafit, The American College of Sports Medicine, The KinesioTaping Association, Exercise is Medicine and The Medical Fitness Association.

BodyGrades not only understands what it means to be healthy, but also understands the value of being healthy and the effort that it takes.  And, because of that, will do whatever it takes, within its power, to help get you to where it is that you need to be.

Welcome To BodyGrades®

Quote of the MonthIf you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and life. There are no limits, only plateaus--Bruce Lee